Month: January 2017

Happiness Jar

you look at a photo and think ‘I haven’t seen myself this happy in a while..’
i am following Elizabeth Gilbert‘s recommendation of writing at least one source of happiness per day (although I haven’t bought a jar yet, agenda suffices for now) and it feels amazing to have a few reasons for the day!
i must shortly mention here that I am a postdoc at Institut Pasteur in Paris since 3 weeks, eekk!
if your own smile soothes you, I think your heart is happy and that’s one of the signs from the universe assuring you that you are doing something right in somewhere right.. so i am grateful for this photo:
then there is this guy who makes me feel so blessed on my way to Pasteur in the metro. as you change from RER B to Line 6 in the direction Etoile in Denfert Rochereau, he sits there and plays his harp. i bought his CD this morning despite not even knowing how to ask ‘how much’ in French. He is called Pascal Coulon, I wish I had access to his website too, maybe it is temporarily down, have a look:
I went up 300 narrow steps to see Paris from the Dome of the Basilique du Sacre-Coeur de Montmartre today, and after the breathtaking view,
i found these guys
singing next to the basilica. when we got out of the dome they were singing ‘Stand by Me’, then they sang a song the lyrics of which I couldn’t understand, and just when I was about to leave, they started to sing ‘Hallelujah’.. Memories of the University of Nottingham and the A Cappella Soc came rushing in and of course I was singing my lungs out 🙂 🙂
Such a memorable day!