-Lisbon in 5 days- why you should visit

I came to think that the titles of these posts might give you the impression that I am writing a guide for traveling within Lisbon, and although there is some truth to it, I am actually going to be telling you why I felt Lisbon so close to my heart or why I loved it so much that I know in the future I will visit it again and again. A few reasons why:

a) Portuguese people are one of the friendliest, funniest, welcoming, down-to-earth people I’ve ever met such as these sweet people in the photos:


b) One of the most delicious desserts I’ve ever had, custard cream tarts aka “Pasteis de natas” are made in Pasteis de Belem


c) The city and its surroundings are home to the most beautiful sunsets

Watching the sunset at Cais das Colunas
Watching the sunset at Cabo da Roca

d) Streets of Lisbon remind you that it doesn’t matter if you hit rock bottom as long as you got the courage, desire and faith to get up and rebuild yourself. Just pay a visit to the Lisboa Story Centre at Praça do Comércio or Terreiro do Paço and you will learn that about 70% of the city and 50% of the population was destroyed in an earthquake on November 1st 1755, on All Saints’ Day as people were in churches, praying, and the walls started to collapse, candles fell to the ground starting a fire which spread across. People who managed to escape from the ruins and ran for the sea were swallowed by tsunami (see the depiction below). In one day.

The Great Lisbon earthquake

After watching the short movie they made about this catastrophe at the story centre, you will perhaps weep like me but seeing the city as it is today, you will find comfort knowing that all wounds heal in time 🙂

So, if you are in Europe and you are free to travel to Schengen state countries without a visa, what are you waiting for? Sunshine will warm you up even in January while some of us sit tight indoors, snuggle up under a blanket 🙂

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