‘Like you, I am a letter writer..’

I love to see the page cover up with lines like a bathtub filling with warm water, and I love to sense the slight tension as the pen nib slides over the paper. Writing a letter holds such promise and excitement, and in preparing one I feel as if I am showing the same devotion as when I cook a fine meal for loved ones. I imagine the whole chain of people who touch the letter along its way, the expression on my friend’s face when the letter appears in his box, his curiosity as he deciphers those stamps, his expectancy as he picks up the letter opener and slits the envelope seal, and then, hopefully, his delight at reading what I have to tell him. But above all, I suppose I savor the most the intimacy that letter writing allows between two people, the possibility of standing as far back or as far forward as one wishes to convey a sentiment. I appreciate how you can hide secret thoughts behind words, or how you can step out in the spotlight with them.

-Katharine Branning, Yes, I Would Love Another Glass of Tea

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